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Digital Hearing Aids

Digital Hearing Aids

Today, the world is connected through digital communication and Smartphone’s. At home you are entertained with a digital TV, a digital media player or a digital sound system, or a mix of them. You rely on your digital GPS directions when driving. We live in a digital landscape, so shouldn’t a solution for your hearing loss be digital too?

Digital Hearing Devices For A Digital World

There are many types of hearing aids and hearing aid technologies, and today, there are digital hearing aids to complete your digitally convenient life style. They are smart and interact with other digital devices. Digital hearing aids have life-changing health benefits too, because good hearing health is linked to quality of life. They take the power of sound and your persona hearing experience to new levels, so you can feel empowered to take charge of your hearing loss.

Digital hearing aids have sound signals that vary and are individual, bringing natural sounding speech and audio enriched with depth and variation. Therefore, you can really play with the sound and volume of digital hearing aids, adjusting the experience to your personalised specifications and all your different settings.

Analogue Hearing aids on the other hand are no less than loud speakers which amplify each and every sound which comes to the patient thus creating a kind of discomfort for the user. These hearing aids do not understand any frequency division of the sound and behave the same for all frequency ranges.

Digital hearing aids use Digital Signal Processor. It reads the sound waves, processes it and amplifies it according to the hearing loss condition. Digital hearing aids can amplify or eliminate frequencies and noise patterns and even shift sounds to more comfortable ranges. They can also interact with computers, phones and many other devices and provides extensive comfortability.

Different Types Of Hearing Aids

Work with an audiologist to figure out which kind of hearing aid will work best for you, as well as any special features you need. The right device for you depends on:

  • 1. The type of hearing loss you have and how severe it is
  • 2. Your age
  • 3. How well you can manage small devices
  • 4. Your lifestyle

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