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Our Centre is specialised for people who are suffering with Hearing problems, Speech and Language disorders and Psychological issues. Our main objective understands the problem of a client, based on a problem will go for different tests or assessments.

Once tests are done will explain which service the client needs, it will be Hearing device, Speech therapy or Psychological counselling. Renew Hearing Center, Panjagutta is one of the best hearing aids centre in Hyderabad providing advance hearing loss treatment, digital Invisible hearing aids and Speech Theraphy

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Clinic Infrastructure

Renewing a clinic's infrastructure means giving it a makeover to make it better in every way. This involves adding new technology like fancy machines that help doctors diagnose illnesses faster and keep track of patient records electronically. The clinic's rooms and waiting areas get upgrades too, with comfy furniture and better lighting to make everyone feel more relaxed. Security is improved to protect patient information, and steps are taken to keep the clinic clean and germ-free.

The clinic also tries to be more eco-friendly by using energy-saving stuff and recycling. They make sure the clinic is easy for everyone to access, and they plan for the future by making space for more patients and services

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Our Associates, Signia, Widex, Phonak, Oticon, Unitron, and GN Resound are leading providers of high-quality hearing aids.

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Umamaheswara Reddy @Umamaheswara Reddy

I have searching for Digital hearing aid in panjagutta and I saw Renew Hearing Centre, very good response and I got best price

Karthik Manthri @karthik

My father purchased rechargeable hearing aids. It's working very good. My father is very is happy & comfortable with the device. Team explained very well.

Sampath Yadav @Sampath

Nice hospitalty. Service wise very good. Rechargeable hearing aids very good price. My grandmother is very happy with the product.

Emmadi Padmavathi @Padmavathi

Good hearing service centre. Hospital is very good. Hearing aids is good price to compare other hospitals. Rechargeable hearing aids is good price.

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Renew Hearing Center

Welcome to Renew Hearing Center